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Our Local Supporters

Robe has a wonderfully supportive
community of people and businesses.

Deb Mackey - Happyshack

Myself and my team are so super proud to be involved with ‘Robe 2 Recovery’. Supporting the program by including accommodation into the mix is the least we can do. Everyone at Happyshack has a family history of fathers or brothers or uncles or sons leaving home to defend our freedom and we respect the commitment, honour and exceptional bravery shown by anyone who chooses this path.
Robe always knows how to pull together when they are needed, whether it be to support an ill family member, offer kindness to someone in need or to contribute to a worthy cause. This outstanding program, led by the brilliant kindness of Jacqui Bateman, rolls all of these things together and the response from the veterans are those special kind of moments that cover you in goose bumps.

Congratulations to Jacqui on a beautiful concept - wrapped in simplicity, iced with generosity and focused on being kind to each other.


An Tran - Robe Pharmacy

"Greetings from Robe Pharmacy!!

My name is An and I am most humbled and honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of the Robe to Recovery program.
Living in a beautiful town like Robe and being of service to it's friendly people, I must admit that I feel very fortunate to be where I am today. For that I am very grateful for the brave men and women of the Australian Defence Force who are out there defending our borders, defending our freedom and defending this way of life Australia has given me.

I come from a refugee family. We were given a second chance in Australia after fleeing a country which has seen its share of war and conflict. This second chance has made me appreciate and respect the sacrifices our service men and women has made for not only families like mine, but for all families in Australia.

I am very thankful towards the Robe to Recovery program as it has given me a better understanding of the difficulties that Defence personnel face both during service and after. More importantly, Robe to Recovery has given me an opportunity to personally say thank you to some of these individuals in my own special way."

Norfolk Rise Vineyard

Located in the emerging wine region of Mount Benson on South Australia’s Limestone Coast, Norfolk Rise Vineyard is a hidden gem you'll never forget. Our philosophy is to embrace and express the unique characteristics of our surroundings through the varietal definition, elegant structure, and fruit driven complexity of our 100% estate grown wines. The moderate climate and free draining terra rossa soil profile of our vineyard produces exceptional fruit, which our state-of-the-art winery crafts into premium wines that consistently over-deliver on quality. Unfortunately, we don't have a Cellar Door but we're happy to chat to anyone passing by, and we recommend you explore the expansive coastline of Mount Benson.

Mahalia Coffee

Our master roaster, Mahalia Layzell and her husband Paul are both chefs with over 30 years experience in hospitality between them. They have cooked their way around the world and toiled in the kitchens and dining rooms of some of Melbourne's finest restaurants and cafés. Mahalia's namesake, (Mahalia Jackson) sang to her mother's soul and no name could have suited her better - it is with nothing short of soul and passion with which Mahalia roasts and monitors every bean and blend.

Robe Bakery

What makes Robe Bakery unique is that every item is crafted in the traditional methods that were common to the trade before the modernization of factories and big box outlets. They whip their eggs and cream their butter and sugar following recipes that are timeless and unforgettable. They offer a full line of cakes, cookies and pastries all made with the finest ingredients available.

Woodsoak Wines

Our medal winning wine is produced from grapes grown on our property, Woodsoak. This property has been in our family for 60 years and is located in the picturesque Robe Region of South Australia.

Cape Jaffa Wines

Collaborating with erratic weather conditions and taking the path less travelled forced the hands of Cape Jaffa winemaking team Anna and Derek Hooper to cut traditional ties and be free with their craft. This craft is their passion, a passion which ebbs and flows, between the two ultimately culminating in wines of balance and harmony but, more importantly, that are very, very drinkable.

Sea Vu Caravan Park

Lisa and Alan Hall welcome you to Sea Vu, the only park with direct access to the sandy beaches of Guichen Bay!
We’re nestled in the heart of the beautiful township of Robe, which is situated on South Australia’s magnificent Limestone Coast. Enjoy spectacular beach views or take a short walk to local shops, restaurants, wineries and a host of other things to see and do.
Sea Vu – Your Home Away from Home!

Karatta Wines

Karatta Wines is a farm focused business in the Robe GI with an ongoing concern in agriculture and a strong association with the land. We are community oriented, committed and honest with high expectations of ourselves and others. We also love to have fun and believe in a good laugh to help make life enjoyable.

Sky Seafoods

Sky Seafoods is Robe's ONLY Live Lobster Exporter.
Specializing in live, guarantees FRESH lobster and seafood are always available from our seafood outlet. The local live lobster and locally caught seafood is sourced from the clear, pristine waters off the beautiful coast of Robe in the south east of South Australia.
Sky Seafoods is synonymous with Robe Rock Lobster and we pride ourselves with the freshest, best priced, live and cooked seafood, sold locally, interstate and overseas.
The company, Sky Seafoods was started in 1997 by Andrew Lawrie, Milan Mitvalsky and Michael Petersen. We export live to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.
Come in and choose your own live lobster from the tanks or experience a taste sensation from the factory outlet.

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes

27 Victoria Street, Robe, South Australia 5276

(08) 8768 2724

"Robe 2 Recovery" is possible because of the amazing community and supporters who believe in our cause. If you'd like to donate, click this link to our GoFundMe page