Robe to Recovery Logo
Robe to Recovery Logo

Myself and my team are so super proud to be involved with ‘Robe 2 Recovery’. Supporting the program by including accommodation into the mix is the least we can do. Everyone at Happyshack has a family history of fathers or brothers or uncles or sons leaving home to defend our freedom and we respect the commitment, honour and exceptional bravery shown by anyone who chooses this path.
Robe always knows how to pull together when they are needed, whether it be to support an ill family member, offer kindness to someone in need or to contribute to a worthy cause. This outstanding program, led by the brilliant kindness of Jacqui Bateman, rolls all of these things together and the response from the veterans are those special kind of moments that cover you in goose bumps.

Congratulations to Jacqui on a beautiful concept - wrapped in simplicity, iced with generosity and focused on being kind to each other.


"Robe 2 Recovery" is possible because of the amazing community and supporters who believe in our cause. If you'd like to donate, click this link to our GoFundMe page